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10 Most Common Reasons Teens Give to Cover Up Drug Abuse And Addiction


Certainly, it is one of the most disturbing situations for parents, or guardians, when they suspect that their child is addicted to drugs but don't have a single piece of evidence to confirm that. This fuss and flurry extends the period the teen remains in the danger of drug addiction and delays the recovery treatment.

When a parent suspects the usage of drugs, they first ask their child directly about it, more often than not. Unfortunately, there are high chances they will be lied to.

Below listed are 10 most common excuses given by the troubled teens to hide their drug addiction:

  1. I just had a poppy seed muffin. That's why the drug test results are positive.
  2. I said 'NO' to drugs at the party, but police arrested me with others before I could explain anything.
  3. My friends were smoking marijuana. I have not, but I guess I have inhaled some.
  4. I was not feeling good. So, I took a cough medicine, or ibuprofen.
  5. This couldn't be my test sample. I'm sure something has been goofed up.
  6. I kissed her/him after they used cocaine/marijuana.
  7. I don't know who mixed it in my food or drink
  8. My friends were encouraging me to smoke it, but I didn't.
  9. I borrowed a cigarette from my friend, I felt really good after inhaling it.
  10. Surely someone has spiked my food/drink.

When adolescents, between 10 and 19 years of age, lie about their drug usage, surprisingly, the parents more often than not trust them. It is difficult for parents to admit that their teen is a victim of drug addiction and he or she might need teen drug abuse treatment.

However, the truth must be revealed, right? After all, who knows the children better than their parents? Regardless of what they wish or what their child is saying, the parents need to conduct an unbiased inspection. It is essential for the parents to educate themselves regarding the signs of drug usage to decide whether their child needs to go to a boot camp for troubled teen or not.

Remember, you may not notice any physical signs immediately as your teen starts using the drugs. But there are other signs to keep an eye on, such as depression, mood swings, isolation and irritability. When you come to know that your teen is using drugs, cover up any emotions taking you over as it won't help your teen.

It may be easy for the teen to lie about their behavior to his or her parent. However, it is the parent's responsibility to learn the actual reason why they lied. The parent should tell the teen that lying is not acceptable and explain to them the importance of being honest.

Now that the teen is aware of what can spoil or make their future. If you're noticing any of the above signs in your teen or finding him or her using drugs, find a good teen drug rehab camp in your city and help the teen regain their trust in the relationships.

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