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Side Effects and Treatment of Drug Abuse in Teens


Teenage is the formative stage in our life. It is the age when boys and girls are very curious and adventurous. They are very easily attracted to the adult activities. They are not aware about the negative consequences of using drugs. The mental condition of teens, like depression, hypertension, anxiety or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can also be one of the most important factors steering them towards drug abuse. Sometimes teens believe that using drugs is a ďcool thing to doĒ; if they wonít do drugs, they will face social rejection. Parents may also play an important role in their teen drug abuse. Especially, if they didnít provide them with proper nurturing or they didnít provide them with knowledge about the ill effects of drugs. Generally, teens are easily attracted to using drugs when they are feeling like their life is too much to handle and become overwhelmed with their circumstances.

Side effects of using drugs:

  • The development of brain and body becomes slow.
  • The ability to learn is decreased.
  • Emotional and sexual development is suffering.
  • Decision making power is reduced.
  • Unable to judge what is right or wrong.
  • Level of depression and suicidal tendencies increases.
  • The blood vessels of brain can suffer damage and, in turn, may cause strokes.
  • Reduces the functioning of brain which may cause coma and, ultimately, death.

In 1999, most of the high school students had used marijuana which is one of the most commonly used illicit drugs. The frequent use of drugs by teens causes brain damage and of course weakens the functioning of vital organs. Itís necessary to get over the addiction to drugs, and teen drug abuse treatment plays a vital role in dealing with drug addiction in teens. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a U.S. Federal Government research institute, reported that the use of the drug Ecstasy and steroids is increasing steadily. In 1999, the percentage of 12th grade students who had used Ecstasy increased to 8 percent, up from 5.8 percent and the percentage of 10th grade students who had ever used anabolic-androgenic steroids increased from 2 percent in 1998 to 2.7 percent in 1999.

Treatment of Drug Abuse in Teens:

Parents should be aware of the teenís inclination towards drugs and adopt proper treatment to get rid of drug abuse by their children. Boot camps for trouble teens are used as a substitute for jail for troubled teens who have committed crime. These camps are regulated by the federal government, state or city juvenile court system. The people who want to avoid juvenile court system can choose the boot camp option. Typically, boot camps are designed for the troubled teens. There are numerous types of troubled teen boot camps, in which discipline and a military style physical challenge are the most well-known types of boot camps. The main benefit of boot camps is to provide skills of self-control. There are some troubled teens that will surely benefit from the strict structure and discipline of these camps. Boot camps are typically an early intervention for troubled teens and can be considered a wake-up call for them. As we believe the troubled teen reacts well to the discipline and physical training, but on the whole boot camp is only a short-term solution of drug abuse.

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