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Frequently Asked Questions about Boot Camp for Troubled Teens


If you are considering sending your child to a boot camp for troubled teens, you may have a variety of questions. This type of unmanageable teen program is very unique in its operational style and activities. In order to determine if this option can help your troubled teen you should first review answers to some of the frequently asked questions about boot camps.

Are Boot Camps a Good Option?

Boot camps are efficient in terms of helping teens to improve their overall behavior. These programs are modeled after traditional military schools, and they provide intense physical training and military exercises as a way to teach teens to focus on responsibility, reality, and respect. Many teens in these programs lack these qualities, and boot camp can help to instill them while replacing destructive attitudes and behaviors with a new perspective.

At What Age Should a Teen Go to Boot Camp?

The most receptive ages for a child to go to boot camp is usually 13-15. Teens at this age are generally easier to direct and control. As teens get older and continuing showing disturbing behaviors, it becomes more difficult to deal with and correct them.

What Problems Can Boot Camp Address?

Many parents that feel their teen is headed down the wrong path choose to send them to boot camp. Teens with behavioral issues, involvement with law enforcement, and problems with authority can all benefit from boot camp.

Do Staff Members Act Like Drill Sergeants?

A teen boot camp requires participants to wear military-styled uniforms. These camps offer a structured environment that includes barracks similar to facilities found in basic training for the U.S. military. Your teen will need to be on his best behavior to get through the experience, as the camp functions very similarly to that of the military. Most camps do include structured programs with drill sergeants.

What Will My Teen Learn?

A boot camp is designed to handle the behavioral elements and emotional issues of a troubled teen. They strive to teach adolescents the importance of discipline, appreciation, and teamwork. The experience can be overwhelming, but ultimately they aim to help teens to become more disciplined while sorting out inappropriate behaviors in the process.

How Long Does Boot Camp Last?

Both long-term and short-term boot camp options are available. Short-term stays may last from 3-6 weeks, but the actual duration will depend on the type of camp in which your teen is attending. Summer camps can last all season, and other programs may last for up to a year. Generally these long-term stays are only recommended if a child is not showing signs of improvement.

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