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Lack of Discipline among Teens - A Big Issue for Parents Today!


While most of the parents are aware of child abuse today, there are very few that know about something far more abstruse than it– it is the lack of discipline. Yes, this is a terrible thing too!

Taking a glance at the social history, it seems like a pendulum that swings from extreme to extreme. And today this extreme has inclined to the concept of ‘natural parenting’ – allowing teens to self-discipline. Parents have started treating their children as small adults and claims it the perfect way to nurture them.

There is another trend that has become far more apparent these days; teens are being handled with child gloves, meaning instead of allowing them to try-fail-and-then-learn, education premises are rewarding them for just trying and distributing awards and accolades for any little achievement.

While this works well for teenagers who usually perform below average, for a much bigger crowd of teens who should be anticipated to perform above average, it is proving to be a negative stream.

With poor disciplinary qualities and easy-to-achieve accolades, we are actually developing a new community of children, who have very high self-esteem for absolutely no reason; in this community, teens collapse at their first failure of adulthood and they are allowed to toddle in adulthood as well.

A teen that lacks discipline often tends to:

  • Receive more failures in their life, and take every failure more negatively
  • Become more egocentric and greedy
  • Misconduct in public more often
  • Show no respect for elders and others

Why We Need Discipline?

For how long do you think parents have been educating their children right from wrong and spanking them? While it is a fact that teens need rules, restrictions and strict consequences for their bad behavior, it is also true that the change in their generation can’t happen overnight.

To a great extent, discipline is a practice to become an adult, a phase of life where the rules are much more complex and even a slight foolish and irresponsible behavior can turn out to be deadly. The boundaries too are essential; else they will fall off the path. They also need to know that there are consequences for every good and bad action.

A large number of participants in a boot camp for troubled teens are a victim of behavioral problems due to lack of discipline or sometimes over-pampering, over attention and overprotection. Some behavioral disorders also stem from a lack of love and security. Self-discipline is vital for the emotional development of adolescents and the only factor that determines their failure or success in life.

How to introduce healthy self-discipline in your home?

  • Define consequences for child’s bad actions like disobeying your rules, misbehaving with other family members and friends, etc. And make them aware about these consequences in advance.
  • Consistency is more important than the adopted method of discipline. Make sure you rule out proper punishment every time they break a rule. Of course, you can reduce the severity of the punishment if your kid confesses and apologizes for his or her bad behavior.
  • Never punish your child amidst the heat of the sentence or when you are extremely angry. Take some time to cool off before concluding on the punishment.
  • Sometimes teens misconduct for some different reasons. From simple self-indulgence to a rebellious persona and developing extreme identification, understanding the cause of their behavior is essential. A good teen rehabilitation facility may tell you everything you ought to know about these reasons that vary during their growth.

Teaching your teen self-discipline will do more than anything in their life to correct bad behavior.

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