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Five Tips for Parenting Your Unmanageable Teen


Most parents will acknowledge that the teenage years are some of the most difficult for parenting, and dealing with an out of control teenager can be both frustrating and scary. Unmanageable teens may be abusive, use alcohol or drugs, run away, or skip school. While, as a parent, you may feel helpless during these times, there are some tips for dealing with your teenagers when they are at their most unmanageable.

Take Control

It is extremely important that you, as the parent, control your home. You are responsible for setting the rules and enforcing the consequences that occur when those rules are broken. It is essential that you take control of what happens within your home, even if you arenít able to control the actions of your troubled teen outside of it.

Explore Underlying Issues

A variety of factors may be behind your teenís behavioral problems. These can include medical problems like depression, ADHD, or bipolar disorder. Drug use can also be a major contributor to his or her behavior, and a teen drug abuse treatment program may be an option. Identifying the factors at play in your situation may be the first step in trying to help your child.

Talk to a Therapist

A therapist can play a major role in putting your family back together. Visiting with a therapist will allow your teen the time and space to deal with his or her problems with the help of an objective third party. Your therapist can also teach your child how to change and recognize destructive behaviors and to find positive coping and problem solving strategies.

Allow Your Child to Experience Consequences

Although, as a parent, you want to protect your child, sheltering him or her from consequences related to his or her behavior is enabling. At some point, you should allow your child to face the consequences for his or her actions. This may result in a boot camp for troubled teens stay or enrollment into a mandatory teen drug treatment program.

Consider a Long-Term Placement

In some cases, allowing your child to remain in your home may not be the best option for anyone in your family. In these situations, long-term residency programs, such as boarding schools, should be considered. As a parent, you should research potential programs carefully and consult with an educational consultant with a specialization in this type of program to make an informed decision.

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