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Teen Alcohol Rehabilitation - Everything You Need To Know about It


Is your child a victim of alcohol abuse, binge drinking or alcohol addiction? If yes, your child and even you, parents, can be in a big trouble soon, unless you sign up for a good teen alcohol rehab program. Such programs offer one-on-one counseling, group counseling, medical detox, therapeutic treatment, and post-treatment services that are developed to help teens maintain and grow their relationship with family in the aftercare period.

So, if you are worried about your child's alcohol abuse or addiction, there is a wide fleet of alternatives available in alcohol rehab programs. Choosing the right program can help your child overcome teen substance abuse and/or addiction.

What do statistics have to say about teen alcohol abuse?

Fast-growing ratio of alcohol abuse in teens have created a big problem in the U.S. Statistics presented by some non-profit organizations and government bodies say that every year thereís a bigger number of adolescents indulging in alcohol, and hence getting into accidents, or winding up in a lifetime addiction.

  • Approximately, 11% of 8th grade teens, 22% of 10th grade teens and 27% of high school teens in the U.S. have been claimed for binge drinking last year
  • Around 50% of high school students say that they have used alcohol within 30 days prior to being surveyed
  • In the year 2002, 2.8% binge alcohol drinkers were between 13-18 of age

Does Your Teen Require Alcohol Treatment?

  • While many parents think of it as an embarrassing fact that their child needs a teen alcohol addiction treatment, the fact is more and more of American families are going through this trauma each year. Teen rehabilitation center is becoming a commonplace nowadays.
  • Alcohol drinking has become so prevalent in the U.S society that every year teen alcohol abuse cases are growing exponentially. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), about 200, 000 teens join alcohol or substance abuse treatment center every year. At the same time, there are equal numbers of teens who can benefit from alcohol rehab programs but they never register for it.

However, if you are still not sure if your teen requires alcohol rehabilitation or not, take into account the signs listed here for alcohol abuse, binge drinking and alcohol addiction:

  • Are you noticing sudden and mysterious changes in behavior as well as body language of your child? If your child was once very active and outgoing and now it always depressed, it might be possible that he or she is using alcohol.
  • They gradually lose interest in school work and activities; instead they spend more time with friends who drink.
  • Binge drinking and alcohol can cause sickness and bring negative attitude in your child's persona, when they don't drink.
  • Teen alcohol users mostly don't think about safety for themselves or others, and drive recklessly while drunk.
  • Your teen has suddenly changed their friends circle; this might be an indication that the old friends didnít want to indulge in alcohol consumption.
  • You are getting a lot of complains, such as your teen is bunking many classes, has been caught drinking alcohol on school campus or their grades are getting poorer every day - these have been commonly associated with teen alcohol abuse or teen addiction.
  • Hiding his or her activities, conversations with friends and possessions, and using lots of mint gums or mouthwash to possibly hide the smell of alcohol.
  • As the teens can't get alcohol legally from the shop, they have to pay more and get it obtained via their friends. So, they will be asking for some extra money, or they sometimes even borrow money from others and don't return it.

If your teen is showing one of these signs, it is high time you consult an alcohol abuse specialist or enroll him or her in one of the best troubled youth programs in your area.

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