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Teen Anxiety or Unsafe Anger? 6 Signs


Is your teen doing hangouts with ‘death mental’ group of people, wearing dark clothes and worst, dying their hair? If yes, is this mediocre teen angst or something more horrible?

If your child has left the school play and if you have been frequently receiving its complaints from the school, like ‘your teen has vandalized computers in the library of the school’, etc., it’s really a point to be anxious now.

The unstable and unpredictable behavior of teens is a timeworn concern for parents. But following the violent events like Colorado’s high school massacre in 1999 and the most recent – the gun shooting at Virginia tech, it has become a prime concern for all parents to keep an eye on their teen's mood, though such cases are very rare.

Is your teen showing ‘normal teen-kind emotions’ or showing signs of problems like depression, anger, or something worse than them? Being a parent, you must pay attention to this. Make sure if your child is not having any serious mental health disorder.

A recent study shows, “about 15% of adolescents or teens show some symptoms of depression at any given time. And 5% of those children match with the signs of major depressive disorder". However, not every out of the control or unexpected movement of a teen can be considered as a red flag.

“A certain level of disobedience and immature behavior is quite normal amongst teenagers. Everyone undergoes a phase in their life where they will take more fights or get more tattoos, piercings or whatever is in trend for their generation.” - says Jeffrey Bostic, the director of the School Psychiatry Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

But when a teen starts giving signs of ‘isolated from the crowd’ feeling, it’s time to be alert as bad things may take place, added Bostic. While Bostic firmly thinks it’s risky to believe that you may amass the risk factors and wind up with a conclusion that a violent event will occur, he has determined 6 traits of teens that may signify something more serious than normal teen agony persist.

Below are 6 signs of unsafe teen anger:

Seeking help – When your child tells you they are going to do some kind of harm, it’s a sign that you need make an intervention. It is recommended not to overlook them when they cry for help.

Utmost Isolation – If you see your child has adopted extreme identification, meaning they have started to recognize one crowd or culture exclusively and thinking to fight with all other cliques, you may consider it as dangerous thinking.

Void Communication Channel – When all of a sudden your teen stops talking to you as well as their peers altogether, it indicates that there are strongly feeling the highest degree of isolation from society.

Wildness – For many parents, it may be obvious and hence often they miss the hint. A consistent pattern of violent activities can be a forecast of more harmful actions that may happen in the future.

Ignorance to all activities – If your child is uncoupled from all activities or interests like music, sports or theater, and showing an overnight drop in their scores in study, it is an indication of dangerous behavior. When a child stops identifying with the other, they would never hesitate in doing harm to others. In such cases, finding a good boarding school for troubled teens is a viable solution.

Substance abuse – Specifically when merged with the above signs, drug and alcohol consumption may destruct mental barriers and mislead the teens to do negative activities they would have not done otherwise. Bear in mind that street drugs aren’t the only ‘BIG’ danger to our society, teens may also abuse household cleaning products, adult prescription drugs, aerosol sprays, and cold medications purchased without a prescription. If you notice any sign of substance abuse, take help of one of the best teen residential treatment centers in your city to prevent the problem before it ruins your teen’s life.

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