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Does Your Son or Daughter Need a Teen Drug Addiction Program?


If your teenage son or daughter struggles with drug addiction, binge drinking, or alcohol abuse, a variety of serious problems may develop for both your child and the rest of your family. Teen drug abuse facility programs offer counseling, family therapy, medical detox, and aftercare services that can address the needs of your teen and his or her family in order to progress past dangerous drug and alcohol abuse.

Does My Child Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

If you are unsure if a teen drug abuse program is appropriate for your son or daughter, you should consider some of the following signs of drug addiction, binge drinking, and alcohol abuse:

  • Loss of interest in activities at school. If your teenager is consuming alcohol or taking drugs, he or she will be less likely to have interests in hobbies or school. Their interests may shift to a new group of friends, as these individuals will likely drink or use drugs.
  • Personality changes. If your once outgoing and happy teen suddenly has a major personality change, it may be due to drug or alcohol consumption.
  • Irresponsibility. Drinking can cause reckless behavior, the most prominent example being drunk driving.
  • Poor attitude. Alcohol acts as a depressant and can result in a negative attitude.
  • Problems with money. Teens that consume alcohol or take drugs generally have to pay more for it since they arenít able to obtain it legally. If your teen is out of money even if they were recently paid an allowance or received a paycheck from work, this may be an indication of drug or alcohol use.

How is Teen Rehab Different from Adult Rehab?

Rehabilitation programs for teenagers are different from those that treat adult addictions in that they address the specific issues that are relevant to young adults. Standard drug treatment programs are not equipped to address certain issues that young people experience, such as family relationships, college pressure, self-image issues, peer pressure, and academics. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs at a teen drug addiction center will involve treatments and therapies run by professionals who are specifically trained in the realm of teen substance abuse treatment.

Will My Family Be Involved in Treatment?

Teenage substance abuse can affect your entire family, as an addiction to alcohol or drugs can result in broken trust and fractured relationships. Therefore, family therapy is essential in the overall rehabilitation of your child. Families are encouraged to stay involved throughout the process and family counseling and educational workshops may be suggested in order to better facilitate involvement.

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