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Finding the Best Teen Drug Treatment Program


The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse has suggested that over one million teens in the U.S. are in need of substance abuse treatment. However, only about 10% are actually receiving that treatment. Parents who do attempt to find treatment for their troubled teen have a variety of options from which to choose, and selecting the right one could affect their teenís ability to succeed in treatment.

Consider Your Teens Issues

If you are considering enrolling your teen into teen substance abuse treatment, you should consider their issues in their entirety. An effective program will focus on more than just drug abuse and will also include other issues within your teenís world, such as school, family, peer pressure, and legal issues. A good program will use an assessment interview in order to determine the full scope of their family, school situation, and psychiatric history. Professionals believe that over half of teens involved in a drug treatment program have a psychiatric problem that should also be addressed, and these issues should be discovered within the screening.

Preventing Relapse

When considering a drug treatment program, you should be sure to ask what the retention rate is, as 75% of teens in programs drop out before finishing. Additionally, an effective program will offer continued care that will extend after the teen completes the program, as a majority of teens will relapse within three months of completing a program. A successful program will link teens with services in the community that can help them to be successful, such as psychiatric services, support groups, and 12-step programs.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement in a drug treatment program is essential, and a good program will help to encourage and facilitate that involvement. Family members should play a role in the process of treatment, specifically in areas like drug education, group meetings, and counseling. This team approach is designed to help the teen become successful within the treatment program.

The quality of a teenís family environment is critical in order for him or her to be successful while in teen drug treatment. Parents should be educated on how to support their teen once they have completed the program in order to help them become successful once they are back in their home and old routines. A good program will help parents to understand the significant influence that he or she has on their child, even by simply taking an interest in their lives and being available and open to talking with them.

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