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Educate Yourself about Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Programs


If you are considering teen substance abuse treatment for your child, it is extremely important that you educate yourself about both drug and alcohol dependence and abuse along with what treatment programs are available. It is important to know the questions you should ask of a program to determine if it will be a good choice for your teen and family, as a whole. You also need to learn about what makes a good quality treatment program and what type of settings, including inpatient, residential, and outpatient, will be your best option. By educating yourself you can be prepared to make an informed decision that will save you money and time while helping your child to recover sooner.

Research has suggested that nine key elements are required in order for a teen drug treatment program to be effective, and these include the following:

  • Comprehensive Services: These services should address your childís drug problem along with any educational, family, mental health, or medical issues he or she may be facing.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: A screen or assessment ensures that the program understands all of the issues that the teen and family need assistance with.
  • Interventions or Strategies in Engagement: This is essential to keep your child engaged and involved in treatment, and it also helps them to recognize how valuable getting help for their addiction really is.
  • Family Involvement: Your involvement as a parent in your childís treatment can help to increase his or her success.
  • Appropriate Services: A program should offer therapies and services that are tailored to your troubled teen.
  • Qualified Staff: Staff members should have experience and knowledge regarding working with teens with drug or alcohol problems.
  • Performance Measures: It is important to be able to gather information in order to measure the programís success and outcomes. While formal evaluations are not typical and tend to be very expensive, a potential program should have some way to measure the progress of their patients.
  • Availability of After Care: A substance abuse treatment program should plan for continued care after a formal treatment program has concluded. This will help to ensure ongoing support and can help to promote a successful recovery.
  • Gender and Cultural Differences: It is essential that a potential substance abuse program takes consideration for gender and cultural differences. This is especially important so that your teen is comfortable in their surroundings.

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