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Teens Are Not Aware of Long-Term Risks of Drug Abuse Addiction


It is a typical characteristic of adolescents to never give a second thought to anything that is far away in the future or long term. So, it is not surprising to know that most of the teens don't care about the long-term risks of drug abuse. Unfortunately, this behavior and ignorance of teens towards drug addiction lead them to life-threatening situations. Use of alcohol and drugs has become common these days amongst teenagers.

Online Surveys

There is a reputed online company named as StudentBeans that provides the young students with discounts, entertainment and advice on all things related to students. The team at StudentBeans talks to over a half-million UK students every month.

The website recently conducted a survey on 1400 students to learn their outlook towards the after-effect of illegal drug abuse. The results of the survey show that around 90% of teens reported of using drugs and said that they aren't afraid of being addicted to drugs, nor they had fear of developing any serious health problem due to regular use of drugs.

Teens Using Drugs Show Higher Rates of Negative Emotions

The results of the above discussed survey also revealed that many teens thought that the signs were not visible when it came to drug abuse. Anxieties related to drug addiction, health problems, injuries or death were nowhere in the minds of students who participated in the survey.

Here are various emotional reactions of teens, which were surveyed for taking drugs:

  • 5% of them had fears for being drug addicted
  • 39% said that they were having a bad experience
  • 28% had mental disorders, like paranoia, while high on drugs
  • 26% had dearth of motivation or vision for life, and daily activities
  • 22% were just worried
  • 14% were under severe depression

Long-Lasting Negative Effects of Substance Abuse in Teens

Considering the fact that every drug performs differently for different people, the negative after-effects are diverse as well. However, there is one reaction that is common for all troubled youth - the longer they use drugs, the higher is the chance they will create long-lasting mental or physical health problems.

One should not misunderstand that only long-term users see health problems due to substance abuse. For instance, if you take 'Ecstasy', a synthetic drug, just once, it can cause heart problems and convulsions. Moreover, only a one-time use of drugs like heroin and meth can result in a lifetime addiction or in a deadly overdose.

Teens drug addiction and abuse is a highly curable thing; treatment given in an early stage can turn out to be a life saver or life changer for many. US is one of the countries where the rate of drug abuse has been increasing rapidly in last 2 decades. And thus, the country sees high demand for drug rehabilitation treatment centers for troubled teens.

Are you searching for a drug rehab camp for your child? Search it online. US has a large number of troubled youth programs and treatment centers dotted all over the country. So, finding the perfect treatment center for your teen won't be so difficult, especially when using the internet.

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