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In today's world, many parents are faced with multiple challenges when it comes to raising their teenage son or daughter. When the parents start seeing certain troubling patterns in the young person's behavior, its source may become quite obvious given some thought and consideration. In some cases, though, it may be not so easy to identify the culprit - or culprits; as there may be several factors coming together for the manifestation of the brewing problems.

Let's take a look at some of the factors that might be affecting the life of this troubled teen. There are the typical issues stemming from hanging out with the wrong crowd, peer pressure, sub cultures, curiosity about various mind-altering substances, etc. Some parents and guardians may or may not be aware of other influences that are not necessarily so obvious. The content and format of so many movies and TV shows, for example, seem to glorify violence, sex and the use of drugs, to the point where the young mind accepts it as “normal”, after so many hours-per-day of watching or listening. The media “reality” (the movies, the music, the daily news, etc.) blurs the borders of the factual and the fictional. One more factor that must be near the top of the most overlooked influences in the lives of many teens is probably their nutrition. They say, “You are what you eat”. What do we eat today? Many of our ready-to-make and fast foods contain Aspartame, MSG (known neurotoxins) and many other hard-to-pronounce ingredients that never belonged in our food in the first place. Should we be surprised that some children may have behavioral issues under this mental and dietary bombardment of their still developing minds and bodies?

If you happen to be a parent to a troubled teen who is experiencing behavioral problems and may require enrolment in a teen treatment center, boarding school for troubled teens or boot camp for trouble teens, there are ways to find help for troubled teen. The mentioned here types of programs and facilities offer help not only in the area of teen drug rehabilitation or teen substance abuse treatment, but many troubled teen camps and troubled teen programs focus on anger issues and dealing with unmanageable teens. In fact, many programs work mainly or even exclusively with the behavioral issues of a troubled teen.

Programs, such as boarding school for troubled teens, boot camp for troubled teens and troubled teen camps, help the troubled teen gain distance to the negative influences in his or her life, re-focus their priorities and re-discover wholesome values with the help of highly-trained people dedicated to helping teens get back on their feet.

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