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A 4-Step Guide to Deal with an Unmanageable Teen


Your teen never agrees with your point, show willingness to pick fights, wholly disregard your rules and leave you with an anxiety that your worst nightmare may turn into the reality. Simply put, there are a number of ways your teen can become unmanageable in.

But regardless of how unmanageable your child is, you can certainly help them change their behavior by making strict rules, establishing a two-way communication channel and imposing consequences. Redefining your outlook towards discipline is one way you can control your teenís unmanageable behavior.

Step-1: Schedule a Meeting

Bridge the communication gap between you and your teen. To accomplish this, you may fix a time and sit down with them to discuss the rules and their expectations from the family. Ask them what they want in their home.

Involving your teen to help you change the rules in your home will get you more suited rules for your family and make your teen more manageable from the behavioral aspect. Additionally you must bear in the mind that while you can overlook some needed rules to make your teen happy and satisfied with the final outcome, you are the parent and the final word is always yours, no matter your teen likes it or not.

Step-2: Impose the Consequences

Every time you see your childís behavior is unmanageable, impose the consequences but never penalize them for their wrongdoing when you are extremely angry or in the heat of any argument. When your child shows unmanageable behavior, you mostly enforce harsh and unfair punishment that will do the less to educate your teen regarding their inappropriate behavior than to make them even more unmanageable.

Step-3: Adapt to More Difficult Punishment

If your teen doesnít show any interest in changing their unmanageable behavior even after all efforts as discussed above, you should go for more difficult punishment Ė says the American Academy of Pediatrics. If your teen continues showing poor or wrong behavior, you may snatch away something very important for them.

For example, if your entire family is going on summer holidays, you may not allow your troubled teen to join your trip to punish them and change their behavior. However, there is one thing to consider here is your punishment for your unmanageable teen should not ruin the joy of others.

Step-4: Try to know everything about your teen and always walk one step ahead

Fill the generation gap to the possible extent and become a part of your teenís life. Though it is not easy to update yourself and bring it in parallel to your kidís lifestyle, this indeed is a proven way to control or prevent the unmanageable behavior of your kid proactively.

Know who your teenís friends, teachers and coaches are, ensure your presence on your teenís big days Ė when they participate in any event or game, and always stay one step ahead of them.

When you know where your teen is and with whom all the time, you are more likely to reduce the amount of time they have to behave unmanageably, may be it is due to the fact that your teen knows you know everything about their life and everyone who are a part of their life very well.

Step-5: Send them to a troubled youth camp

Some people are still having misconceptions about troubled youth camps and some donít have any clue about these camps. There are many organizations out there who work exclusively for various troubled teen issues like substance abuse, wilderness and lack of discipline in lifestyle.

Enrolling your teen in one of the most renowned and reliable troubled teen centers will not make your teenís behavior manageable, but also makes them learn the core values of life and much more that will prove to be extremely helpful for them throughout their life.

So, what are you waiting for? If your teen is a victim of unmanageable behavior, find a good troubled youth camp this summer! Itís never too late!

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