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Can we communicate with other parents and receive referrals?

Our Program supplies all potential families a list of parent referrals to call as part of the application process. Once enrolled, parent email and an active private web community are available for ongoing communication. In addition, Family Weekend gatherings provide parents an opportunity to share issues and assist one another in group dynamics.

What is the average length of stay, and do parents have a say in how long their child is in the program?

The WHT program is generally 3 to 6 months, with some staying as little as 30 days and others as long as 9 to12 months. The average stay is usually 6 months. The parents have total control over how long their child remains with us. Should the parents desire, they can remove their child and we will make arrangements for an immediate return home.

What safety and security procedures are in place?

The mobile unit is alarmed and there are personal on duty at all times. The whereabouts of residents are fully monitored on an around-the-clock basis. Safety is our primary concern. The staff is well trained in CPR and medical care is only minutes away if needed.



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