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Grateful New Beginnings

Our daughter has been with you for 4 months and she has changed so much. She is not only getting over her drug & alcohol problem, but is also being challenged to change her negative character traits such as anger, self-discipline, lying, manipulation, and her self-image. She is much more grateful now and much less angry and negative about life. As parents, we are hopeful and optimistic about our daughter's future, rather than fearful of where she was going with her life before.
John and Lori (Parents)


Two months ago, we sent our son Brent to the program. Before that, he was angry, abusing drugs, failing his classes, and staying out all night without permission. Visiting him on a weekend, we saw a different person. One who was appreciative and who cared about his future. We know he still has a long way to go, but we are very hopeful now. We truly believe he is on the right path.
Bill and Cary (Parents)



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