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What To Expect From Troubled Teen Centers


You have experienced the disruption of your family life. The stress of living with a troubled teen has taken a toll on your spouse and other children. The first thing to remember is the teen in your home that is causing the disruption is in pain and confused as well. They donít know how to reverse the downward spiral they have started down. They need to get out of the cycle of lying, stealing, violence and substance abuse. Knowing that you need to help your child and not punish him or her is the first step necessary to put your child on the road to recovery.

When searching for a camp for troubled teens, you need to focus on locating a facility that has shown positive results and is reputable. Visit the facility and talk to the staff. Ask if you can observe a sampling of their programs being presented to other teens. Check with the parents of the students placed in the program to see how their child is progressing. The staff at the facility should be certified to handle to behaviors the teens present and know how to correct the behavior safely. The staff should be attentive listeners, caring people and positive role models for your child to interact with. Schooling should be continued during the time the teen is in the program, with a curriculum designed specifically for the individual needs of each student.

An effective program will encourage the teen to discover what is causing the problem that is stopping them from having a productive life. Positive behavior should be reinforced and then rewarded. Many troubled teen centers hold peer group counseling groups. Teens talk their problems through with others in the same or similar situations and learn how to solve these problems together. The web site, www.teen-camp.net, discusses many levels of their highly acclaimed 12 step program. The teen participants in the program learn how their previous behavior affected those around them and the consequences they have to accept for their actions.

For the most part, teens will not have physical contact with their family during the program. This isnít to say you are forbidden to have contact. The teens and family members are encouraged to have weekly phone calls and even scheduled family weekends. The entire program leads to reuniting the teen with his or her family. It is the final step.

Remember that the beginning of this process will be stressful and your troubled child will be resistant to the process. The process is hard, make no mistake about that. But through the support of family members and skilled staff at the treatment facility, your teen should be functioning as a happy, healthy and productive member of society.

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