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A New Beginning

   Twist Magazine
Lindsay's full success story was featured in  Twist Magazine (page 59).

I am a a recent graduate of the troubled teen program. Before that, my life was miserable. I was getting high everyday and drinking every night. I didn't care about my family life or anybody at all. One night, under the influence of alcohol and pot, I was raped at a party. I didn't tell anybody because I was worried and felt guilty. About a month after that I had alcohol poisoning and was very close to losing my life. This program has been a huge amount of help for me. I have no clue where I would be today. The staff here has been more than just help, they have saved my life. Miracles do happen here and they can happen for you too. Lindsay

A Light I Never Knew

I started drinking, because I thought it was "cool". I gradually took harder drugs including pot, acid, shrooms and prescription drugs. To have fun, I had to be totally out of my mind. During freshmen year, I drank a lot, and that led me to sleep around with guys. When I was under the influence I didn't care about myself, or whom I was with. It got so bad, my parents just didn't know what to do with me anymore. I came here open-minded, but not willing. I learned how to talk about my feelings and express myself in a new and productive ways. I have this program to thank for helping to see myself in a new light. I believe I have it in myself to keep clean. I am now a strong person and have found a new self-respect. I never knew life could be so good. Ashley

The Rap

I have been sober now for 30 days and I feel good today. I am getting a lot of good feedback from others and I am sharing my emotions more openly than ever before. I am taking this program one day at a time and making good progress. I am learning respect for others and myself because my old ways were harmful and they got me into trouble I have been praying lately for the first time in my life. It is not all hard work, we are allowed to relax and reflect. Even chores can be fun, depending on your attitude. You also have to be able to accept criticism, both good and bad. When it's all over, I have to be a leader instead of a follower. I know things will get better for me, I will find more good qualities about myself and people will accept me for who I am. Lee

I Reformed

I started drinking and using drugs when I was twelve years old. By the time I was 15, I had dropped out of school and was addicted to multiple substances. I couldn't hold a job and I needed money to support my drug habit so I started to sell drugs and rob people. I was finally arrested for burglary. My parents found FET and proposed the court send me there instead. At about 90 days clean, I started to cry for days at a time and feeling emotions that were completely new to me. There was a counselor who would sit with me for hours while I would cry. He would tell me about sobriety, and how his good his life was now that he was sober. After that I wanted nothing more than to never use again. Good things started happening to me for the first time in my life. I believe that this is the ideal program for kids to find sobriety. It shows you how to have fun without the use of drugs. Phil

A Better High

I started smoking weed and drinking when I was 12. By the time I was 14, I had tried almost every drug there was. My parents got me into rehab as an outpatient, but I learned how to scam on the drug tests I was taking. When I first got to the camp, I was upset that I couldn't do drugs anymore. I found myself detoxing so badly that I was sweating and shaking uncontrollably. The whole time a staff member gave me candy bars and talked to me until I felt better. I discovered I had an anger problem. When I get angry the staff gets me to talk about what is making me mad and helps me face the feelings. I've learned how to use self-control and realize I don't have to drink or use drugs to have fun. Being in this program has taught me how to take control of my life and stay sober and that means more to me than any high I've had. Nathan



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