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The list of behavioral issues with troubled teenagers and children is becoming longer and longer every day. Certain signs that they are becoming unruly or out of control could mean that itís time for an intervention. The last thing a parent wants to do is send their child off to a boarding school or boot camp. Therefore, communities all around the world have set up troubled youth programs to help parents steer their children in the right direction.

With youth that are already involved in the juvenile system, they have an easy path into many of the programs available for troubled teenagers and children. Sometimes when a member of the community youth is involved with the justice system, the judge hearing their case may order them to attend a boot camp. These boot camps are state-funded. Therefore, in order to be accepted into the program the child must have done something bad enough to appear in front of a judge.

Another youth program option offered for troubled teens and children is a private boot camp. Although the parents are responsible for their own childís funding, the boot camps can help turn a seemingly bad situation into a positive outlook for the teen or child. These camps can cost the parents anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 for a 30 day program. Some programs may last longer than 30 days. Normally, boot camps that are offered for troubled youth have a military style. The members are made to wake up at a specific time each morning, must run drills, learn discipline, and manage their time wisely between studying, school courses, and chores. There is little to no time for the child or teen to get caught up in misbehaving.

There are more options that involve treatment that can be done while the child or teenager still lives within the home. These can range from facilities that specialize in behavioral issues or disorders that are present in youth that are under 21 years of age. Some teen health facilities provide great resources for parents dealing with troubled youth. These facilities also might have intervention programs that are geared towards certain ages and behavioral issues. Facilities can also offer a residential aspect of boot camp, only taking in children during business hours or regular school hours. The main focus of these facilities is to prevent the continuance of bad behavior and promote healthy choices, a good environment, and allows them to continue through school without interruptions they might face in public schools.

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